Business Template Bundle

Contains our premium Budget & Estimate Template, Email Pitch Template, and Pitch Deck Template. This bundle is tested and trusted by filmmakers and creative professionals. These are essential tool takes your business to the next level with better organization, communication and more revenue!

The Email Pitch Template will get the conversation started between you and your dream brand. The Budget template will help you accurately quote and track your production budgets and the Estimate template will help you pitch your budget in the most intuitive way possible. Convert more prospects into customers by clearly outlining your scope, deliverables, and final price with the Pitch Deck Template. We call this the one-two punch for landing new jobs!

Business Template Bundle

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What's Included

Email Pitch Template, Budget / Estimate Template, & Pitch Deck Template

Your download includes one Email Pitch template in .PDF, one Budget template in both Excel and Numbers format and one Estimate template in Word format. You can customize the templates for any industry.

One Hour Tutorial

Get exclusive access to a one-hour walk-through video with Lizzie Peirce and Chris Hau on how to use the templates and build estimates. Bonus: We’ll include two PDF examples so you can see how to prep your budgets and estimates.

Business Template Bundle

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Customer Reviews

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Marquez Bura
Best Investment

This bundle pack is provides me with so much value as a creator starting out & trying to get brand deals small or large! The budget and estimate templates help so much when trying to monitor cost and expenses.


What a shortcut this was...

Dat Spreadsheet doe!

Before buying the Chris Hau Business Template Bundle I was a virgin living in my parents basement. Surviving on two marmalade and tuna fish sandwiches a week.

With the help of his spreadsheet template I'm now a highly successful hustler in the adult entertainment industry! This pimp can buy all the marmalade he wants now.

Thanks Chris!

revised review

all is well.,.,,.excellent.. I had them under the bed..hence my previous review..LOL many thanks