Premium Lightroom Presets V1 + V2 + V3

Let me guess. You have a whole bunch of presets in Lightroom you never use? Same… but these Presets are different. My only objective with this preset pack was to create a set of looks, vibes and styles you’d ACTUALLY USE on a regular basis in your personal or commercial work - all while speeding up your workflow.
 This was achieved by testing the presets on Sony, Canon, Nikon, FujiFilm and Adobe standard colour camera profiles. It’s all about looks that enhance the colour, texture and atmosphere of your images. Make your everyday photography more inspiring with my Preset Bundle.

V1 + V2 + V3 Preset Pack

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Includes The Following Presets

Aloha, Bulletproof, Everlasting, Fernweh, Gold Rush, High Beam, Iced Out, Imperial, Killawatt, Lifted, No. 91, Powerhaus, Soft Portrait, Soleil, Twilight Zone, Bonfire, Breakthrough, Crimson, Echo Bay, Hawk's Bay, Kelowna, Matchstick, No. 92, Red Harbour, Revelstoke, Rusted, Sea Mist, Spiritwood, Terra Nova, Thunder Bay, Two Hills, Vulcan, Whitehorse, Yellowknife. Clean Indoor Portrait, Super Duper Blue Vibe, The Black & White Vibe, The Blue Vibe, The Bright Portrait, The Classic Vibe, The Earthy Vibe, The Glowy Vibe, The Marine Vibe, The Moody Vibe, The Muted Vibe, The Normal Vibe, The Scarlet Vibe, The Sick Tones Vibe, The Viking Vibe

What's Included

52 Presets

This pack includes 52 Lightroom Presets that allow you to edit your photos professionally in seconds. The presets add a crisp and fresh look to your photos. With a large variety of options there is a preset for any photo, and the ability to adjust the settings to fit your photo’s needs.

5 Adjustment Tools

Included with the Lightroom Presets is 5 Adjustment Tools. These tools can be added on top of your edits to add a grainy film look, or fix lens distortions in one simple click. This gives you the ability to change the overall feel of your photos in seconds.

V1 + V2 + V3 Preset Pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gary Zhou
Great presets!

One of the best preset packs I’ve bought. Will definitely be using these on most of my pictures

Colby Laubach
Preset Quality

Absolutely killer presets, adds a unique and professional look to all my photos!

Jason W.

Yet to find a photo that'll work with each of the presets but I'm loving the ones I've used so far

Best presets out there, hands down

Best presets for a modern style wide range of photos was able to pull the sky back in for some photos after over exposing. The v2 set is kinda confusing think that needs a little bit of rework as it has repeating options which in the new version of lightroom are usually default. v1 is good but you can tell sometimes the colors are a little off, v3 is honestly the best. Compared to Lizzies and Lex Ells presets, id rank Chris's first Lex's second and Lizzie's third.

Anton Gustin
Amazing presets

I needed some high quality LR presets to speed up my editing process when working on photos for my student fraternity, these presets has saved me an insane amount of time while still making sure they look professional, they also taught me some neat tricks in lightroom to make me a better lightroom editor. Only reason I'm not giving it a full 5 stars is that some presets aren't very usable for me, but that may be because I haven't found the right composition for them yet as well!