Premium Lightroom Presets V2

I fine-tuned my V2 premium presets to create a ton of fresh looks that work all the time, no matter what photos I’m taking. These 20 LR presets and 5 adjustment tools add that extra punch and emotion we’re all looking for. The looks are inspired by our commercial, portrait, wedding, and Instagram work.

Use these presets to make your business and everyday photography more inspiring—all while speeding up your workflow. These presets were tested using Sony, Nikon, Canon, FujiFilm, and Adobe standard colour camera profiles. Now my Lightroom presets are yours to make your photos better, too.

V2 LR Preset Pack

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Includes The Following Presets

Bonfire, Breakthrough, Crimson, Echo Bay, Hawk's Bay, Kelowna, Matchstick, No. 92, Red Harbour, Revelstoke, Rusted, Sea Mist, Spiritwood, Terra Nova, Thunder Bay, Two Hills, Vulcan. Whitehorse, Yellowknife

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What's Included

20 Presets

This pack includes 20 Lightroom Presets that allow you to edit your photos professionally in seconds. The presets add a crisp and fresh look to your photos. With a large variety of options there is a preset for any photo, and the ability to adjust the settings to fit your photo’s needs.

5 Adjustment Tools

Included with the Lightroom Presets is 5 Adjustment Tools. These tools can be added on top of your edits to add a grainy film look, or fix lens distortions in one simple click. This gives you the ability to change the overall feel of your photos in seconds.

V2 LR Preset Pack

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Installing is Easy:

  1. On your COMPUTER (not a mobile device), download the ZIP file somewhere safe and unzip it.
  2. Update Adobe Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic.
  3. In Lightroom, open the Edit pane and click Presets.
  4. Click the menu icon (…) and select Import Presets.
  5. Navigate to where you saved your presets, select them all, and click Import.
  6. Your presets should appear in the Presets pane from now on. If you’re using Lightroom CC, your presets should also become available in the Lightroom app on your mobile device under the Presets pane. (It looks like two overlapping circles.)

Thank you again for your support!

VERY IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT download these on your mobile phone. Download them on your laptop or desktop computer FIRST. Once installed in Lightroom CC, they can then be used on mobile after. Make sure you’re running the latest version of Lightroom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mohamed Abdul Shakoor

I like it a lot

Donny Bozeman
Amazing results! Really speeds up my workflow

I received a few free presets by signing up for the newsletter. Used the so much that I had to grab the rest. I really like Chris's editing style. Alot of other presets I've bought from other photographers still required tweeking. These are mostly just click and go. Maybe adjust exposure but pretty much one click. Matchstick is absolutely fire

renato espinoza
V2 the best sell i've made

I love all the presets, they allow me to have a lot off diferents styles. Right now i want to bay the v3

Julian Trampel
V2 LR Preset Pack

These presets are amazing, I loved the V1 before, but they are on a next level you can use them on any type of photo and they will look good. I also have a new favourite because of them the “Echo Bay”

R. Watt
Taking my creativity to a new place

What I’m enjoying about the V2 LR Preset pack, it’s taking my creativity to a new place. It’s allowing me to start somewhere new and then make it my own. Chris’s presets are all unique and good, but I like to make them my own by changing them up a little or even a lot. This was a great purchase.